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MI5 keeps the country safe from serious threats like terrorism and attempts by states to harm the UK, its people and way of life. We carry out investigations by obtaining, analysing and assessing intelligence, and then work with a range of partners, including MI5 and GHCQ to disrupt these threats. Through our protective security arm, we provide advice and guidance to government, businesses and other organisations about how to keep themselves safe. A role in MI5 means you’ll do unique and challenging work in a supportive and encouraging environment, making a real difference to UK national security.

MI6 are UK’s secret intelligence service, and they work secretly around the world to make the UK safer and more prosperous. They focus on developing foreign contacts, gathering intelligence, and navigating any risks to the UK’s national security, economy and military. They also work to resolve international conflict and prevent the spread of weapons.  

And GCHQ are the UK’s intelligence and cyber agency, protecting the countryusing cutting-edge technology, technical creativity and a wide range of partnerships. They use our capabilities to work against terrorism, cyber-threats, and serious and organised crime. They also play a crucial role in giving the UK a strategic advantage and providing support to the military. 

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