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Naimuri announces new managing director to lead growth of company

Alice has taken over the reins from Carl Roberts and has been part of the senior leadership team at Naimuri since it was founded in 2015.

Talking about her new role, Alice said: “Naimuri really is a special place to work and having been part of the business since 2015, I am delighted to take up the role of Managing Director and support the business on its next stage of growth. Our mission, the impact of our work and the amazing people we employ, are what truly make Naimuri unique. Over the last few years we have widened our customer portfolio, winning new work in government and law enforcement and supporting deliveries in wider QinetiQ. We have also been running our own events to bring together our tech and academic partners and customers and to facilitate innovation; which have all contributed to the growth of the business. Carl has done an amazing job and will be missed by all, but I look forward to leading Naimuri in its next chapter”. 

James Willis, Chief Executive of UK Intelligence, the business sector that includes Naimuri at QinetiQ, said: “Alice has been with Naimuri since its early days and it’s testament to the strength of the business that she was able to step up to the MD role rather than have to go externally for a new leader.  Her experience leading delivery at Naimuri for its customers within that fast-growing market means she is the perfect person to lead Naimuri and continue their success. I wish her every success in this role.”

Earlier this year Naimuri announced it had doubled its headcount from 70 to 140, attracting new talent to help it on its mission to ‘make the UK a safer place to be’. 

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Finance Administrator

Working to make the UK a safer and better placeOur vision is to revolutionise national security, data intelligence, and law enforcement through the use of technology. We’re the company everyone wants to work with.We are a team of highly experienced, passionate, technology experts.We combine our experience gained from working in large systems integrators and apply it with the speed, innovation and mindset of a small, efficient organisation.We are motivated by our mission to make the UK a safer and better place, which is evident in everything we do. We are committed to constant improvement driven by ever evolving culture, people and processes.We don’t do agile, we are agile.Being lean and agile is not something we do, it’s something we are. It is ingrained as a core characteristic of our DNA. It is instinctive in the mindset of all our people and implicit in everything we do.Software DevelopmentWe are experts across the full development lifecycle in increasing efficiencies and streamlining processes. We focus on the whole life costs, not just development. Our approach to developing systems is secure by default and couples technical excellence with innovative, forward thinking solutionsSecure Cloud MigrationWe can extend your networks into the cloud, migrating your applications and infrastructure with a strong focus on security and reliability. Our approach provides a seamless transition, allowing you to take advantage of the cloud with minimum disruption to your business.DevOpsReduce the cycle of developing your software to getting it deployed into production. We can help you automate your infrastructure and provide your development team with a toolset which makes this self-service. No more raising tickets with the Operations team and waiting for servers to be provisioned. We can help you to develop a Continuous Delivery Pipeline that will allow you to realise the value of your applications sooner and with much lower Operational risk.Our people are what make us great.We are a diverse group of inventive, pragmatic, forward thinking individuals.We put our people first to cultivate a creative environment where everyone can thrive.


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